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Wholesale with walnuts
Wholesale with walnuts
6,50 € / kg
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Wholesale with walnuts

  • Lieferzeit:1 Woche
Ab 101 kilogramm 6,50 € /kg
Von 1 a 100 kilogramm 7 € /kg
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Wholesale with walnuts

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

20 years of experience Neven OOD ( is involved with the actual realization of enterprise interests in Bulgaria.In our organization are more than 600 companies in different industries selected over the years as the most reliable. Whether you want to invest in an area, to find a reliable partner, customer or supplier, to open a firm or company branch in Bulgaria - we are your competent partner on site.

Briefly introducing our two companies Neven OOD ( production and wholesale - ) and Neven-SIG Solar OOD ( energy efficiency -
Over the years we managed to acquire and stakes in several production plants and one of the production is exactly with walnuts in shell and kernel. We mainly export to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but from this year we are looking for serious partners in Greece too.

We currently have the opportunity for production of about 100 tons kernel and about 1000 tons in shell. If you have interest to work together, please tell us what are your requirements for the nuts to prepare our best offer.
Method of payment: 50% in advance and 50% after departure of the truck. Walnuts will be in 10 kg. cartons, separated by 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8, as well as white and mahogany + microbiological analysis.

We can send samples after 10 September and the prices are expected to be as follows:

1. For white kernels
for 1/2 white = 7,00 - 7,50euro/kg
for 1/4 white = 6,00 - 6,50euro/kg
for 1/8 white = 5,00 - 5,50euro/kg
For mahogany the price is a matter of negotiations
All in separate boxes, with 5% humidity, in 10 kg boxes

2. Calibrated and dried Inshell walnuts in 25kg.sacks, the price is expected to be around 2,00 and 2,50euro/kg
We also issue for EURO 1 certificate
Can you tell us how do you want the 20t. truck to be loaded, because of this also depends on the average price?
How many % should be 1/2, How many % should be 1/4, How many % should be 1/8?

Method of payment: 50% advance payment until 04.08.2015 and 50% after two weeks when the truck is loaded and thoroughly checked once again.
P.S Prices may vary according to the quantities or prepayment. I send you some pictures of the goods from last year, that we have exported before two months ago.
If you have any questions,i will be glad to answer them
We believe that with our long experience ,contacts and various activities of our both companies, we can be very beneficial partner.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards
Delyan Gaidarov - Project Manager

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